Our Wealth Management Approach

As one of the leading wealth management companies in London, our objective is to work with successful, open-minded people to first preserve and then to build their wealth with a view to securing long-term prosperity for our clients and their families. Our clients welcome the strategic 'whole-of-life' approach we employ and the methodological rigour that we bring to managing their financial affairs - year in, year out. People who want to be proactive and who appreciate responsiveness in the management of their wealth find Clearwater Wealth Management a skilled and suitable partner.

Our Partners, therefore, only work with a limited number of carefully selected clients; to do otherwise would not allow us to provide the attention - and to build the trust - that truly bespoke wealth management demands. We believe that our clients want a financial service that is simple, transparent and effective. We use a straightforward four-point process designed to systematically assess, organise, deploy and monitor the ongoing management of your wealth.

Our straightforward four-point process to wealth management:

  1. Evaluate your current situation
    We cannot begin to work with you effectively until we understand your situation. Your Partner will consult with you to create a comprehensive picture of your financial circumstances: income and expenditure; assets and liabilities. Only when your present position is known can your future be properly planned.
  2. Envision your future financial objectives
    The value of an effective wealth manager is in assisting you to visualise, in a realistic manner, the lifestyle that you wish to enjoy at projected stages in your life. There are personal considerations, such as age, income, family responsibilities and attitude to risk that will affect this view as well as your lifestyle aspirations. This is a strategic process for which disciplined long-term financial planning is required.
  3. Enable a wealth management strategy that will meet your needs
    The journey from where you are to where you want to arrive will be complicated by the overwhelming sense of busyness that successful people experience. Your wealth manager will assist in organising what you have to do, and when, aiming to achieve your stated financial goals. This is a systematic and iterative process that requires long-term attention to the detail of your ongoing financial circumstances.
  4. Excel in ongoing management of your wealth
    The well-being of your finances needs constant attention: maximising your wealth requires the disciplined application of your financial plan that will almost certainly require adjustment over the years. Often our clients are not able to reflect on the effectiveness of their wealth management strategy until years later; however, they always and immediately recognise and value the ongoing support of their wealth management Partner.

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